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Rajasthan tour: What makes it a spellbinding holiday?

Rajasthan is not just the epicentre of touristy activities in India but is also the flavour of the season. We have introduced fresh amenities, including adventure sports and rides which are fast gaining momentum. The state is undoubtedly the premiere choice for any tourist, whether Indian or foreigner.

Our Rajasthan tours offer you a melange of things to do- from munching on traditional Daal baati churma (a traditional and heavy delicacy) to enjoying nerve-wracking rides on elephants and camels to doing museum-hopping. Much more engrossing and demanding are the numerous forts and palaces that arrest your gaze due to their mammoth and mesmerizing profile! Our travel guide will regale you with snippets and lore from the past.

Jaipur, the capital city, is the definite must-see and should take you around 2-3 days to explore it to your fullest satisfaction. Udaipur and Jodhpur are other big cities, famous for their lakes (do not even dare to skip the spellbinding Pichola Lake at Udaipur) and forts. Jodhpur, in particular, is the sleeping town where things move sluggishly and at the expansive Mehrangarh Fort and Clock Tower we’ll throw you back in time by around 400 years.

Rajasthan tour also gives you the unique chance to rediscover the zing in you. You can also opt for our desert safari that promises to regale you with fun on sand dunes. Keep your camera handy since Rajasthan is full of wildlife (in fact, the monkeys and peacocks simply run about the streets freely).

And, of course, with our smart travel package, you can escape getting fleeced by local vendors and guides.

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