Travel Central India: Sniff into tiger’s territory

A leisurely travel to Central India translates into the thrill of a lifetime. It is the potent home to the menacing Indian tigers with Bandhavgarh National Park (at Madhya Pradesh) roaring into the chartbusters. In addition, you can always rove your eye over apes, cats like panthers or leopards, reptiles like snakes and crocodiles and a melange of herbivores. Central India tours are also great for spotting rare birds and some of them are devastatingly beautiful.

But then this part of the country is so replete with history, ruins, architecture and culture that wildlife forms only a miniscule part of your stay. We are full-time travel planners and experts organizing the most enjoyable tours for our clients. While there are the traditional spots of sightseeing that always make it to our itinerary, we keep an eye for fresh hot spots or new discoveries that can spellbind your soul.

Those in love with architecture will find a soft corner in his heart for the central Indian states. The temples also give you your share of spiritualism while group tours and walks will transport you to the gargantuan alleys of history and heritage.

You can run through our gamut of Central India tour packages and even book for Leisure Tours of Central India. Alongside these, we can also take care of tailor made tours of Central India.

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